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Have you experienced Face Mapping?

As a brand used by 1000’s of professional skin therapists worldwide, Dermalogica developed the Face Mapping technique for skin therapists to use in the treatment room, to provide their clients with custom skin treatments and bespoke homecare programmes to maintain the professional service results.

As experts in skin, we love nothing more than to educate our customers on skin and specifically help you understand why your skin is behaving a certain way and work with you to create a skin care plan that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and skin goals.

Outside of the treatment room, Face Mapping is offered on the ‘shop floor’ and serves as a regular skin check-up. We analyse your skin inch by inch, noting our findings so we have a record of your skin’s progress. As skin is influenced by many internal and external factors, we’ll take the time to get to know you and share insight into how your lifestyle could be impacting your skin.

With the development in AI technology, we have been able to provide a digital Face Mapping experience using your selfie! The AI tool analyses your skin, identifies the condition of your skin and prescribes you a personalised skin care regimen. This is a great starting point if you’re short on time and need some guidance on the best products to get started on your journey to healthy skin.

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We know that skin fluctuates regularly so we recommend receiving Face Mapping every 4-6 weeks or as and when you’re experiencing skin changes. This will ensure your homecare regimen is always working for you and keeping on top of your skin care concerns.

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